How Professional Portraits Can Help Your Business

It wasn’t long ago that headshots were perceived as something that was used only by those in the entertainment industry, such as models and actors. However, today, they play a big role in business marketing. Especially now, when social media is so powerful, having a high-quality professional portrait is as important as having a strong and engaged online presence. Here are some ways in which a corporate headshot or a professional photograph can help your business:

1. Give your business a personal touch

For your business to be successful, it needs a personal touch that will make it feel more human. Professional portraits will give your clients and consumers the feeling that they are dealing with someone they can engage with and connect to. In 2018, did a survey where they found that clients are 52% more likely to work with businesses that have a real, authentic photo of the owner on their website.


2. Give your website a more professional look.

A website looks more professional and serious when it has consistent high-quality images. Sometimes having too many headshots can be distracting but when you use them all for you social media pages, it conveys to the clients and customers that you are a professional. When there are different kinds of headshots, it can make the company look disorganized.

3. Can be used as marketing collateral.

Branding goes much beyond coming up with a smart logo and a catchy tagline. It is also a personal connection that you make with your clients and consumers. You can use professional portraits of yourself as well as your employees’ as a part of your marketing collateral. In fact, you and your employees’ faces can act as the brand for your company.

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